You don't have to be a large crew to start a game company, but it is, however, in most cases a good idea to join forces with at least a couple of people. Look for someone able to cover different areas than yourself, and try to compose a team with the core skills such as programming, 2D/3D graphics and, perhaps, audio.

Game design? What about a game designer? Game design is very important, of course, but you'll probably want a game designer who can also understand and contribute to the actual development process, and thus one who can do some programming, graphics or the like. In smaller teams, there's usually less specialization than you see in larger game companies. Even though you might start of as (primarily) a programmer or graphical artist, you'll probably often experience bottleneck situations, where you'll have to move out of your comfort zone for the team to reach is deadline.

Today, many game developer, both small and large, are also drawing on external resources during a game development process. This might be done by outsourcing, for example, part of the graphics or programming to countries such as Ukraine or India, where labor is competent, but much cheaper. Other companies prefer relying on local freelancers, that are hired to solve specific problems or deliver certain content. This practice allows for a small team to develop larger games and/or material of a higher quality without having to permanently expand the company.

A less tangible, yet highly important thing to consider are the expectations of the individual team members. Where does each of you want to take the company? Are your ambitions the same or similar? Do you intend to turn in into a fulltime job, or is it more a spare time hobby project? It is, obviously, not possible to predict the future of the company, but do take the time to discuss your individual wishes for the company, and be honest. This is probably the best way to avoid misunderstandings, and to secure a common understanding of the goal of the endeavor.

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